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Today started our official first day of the Disney parks and the first park is Animal Kingdom.



Our day started with breakfast at the Tusker House. It’s a buffet style restaurant where you meet many of the characters at your table. The food itself is incredible and the characters bring joy to both children and parents.



Shortly after breakfast, we have a fast pass to get on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. Unfortunately, before we get there, it starts to pour, forcing us to seek where we can buy overpriced rain coats. $10 each. But the rain doesn’t dampen to fun. In fact, it made the Safari better. It felt like going through the African Savanah during the rain season.





We seen elephants, zebras, lions and an assortment of other animals. They are way closer than you would think. It was an amazing experience.

From there,  we went to the festival of the lion king. It’s a broadway style show with singing and dancing. There are people on stilts and people doing acrobatics and also people darling with fire. A spectacle to be seen.





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We stayed at Kelly’s parents the night before so that they could drop us off by 10 so that we could depart by noon. As it turns out, that didn’t quite work out as planned. We did get to the Hopkins airport on time, however the airplane didn’t. It took an additional 45 minutes to arrive. It’s our kids first time going to Disney and our second. Also, it’s their first time on a plane. I don’t like rides and airplanes make me nervous. Yet the excitement of going on a vacation was overriding it.

I was hoping and praying for an uneventful flight. It was anything but. Rain was in the forecast and it didn’t dissapoint.


As we took off, I gripped the arm rests tightly and we took an immediate hard right to do a 180. I could hear Danny and other passengers fear as we tilted. Once we stabilized it was fine. Throughout most of the flight to our stomachs dismay, there were patches of turbulence. It would shake and drop all of a sudden.


The landing , thank God, was soft. The plane after touching down stops really hard. You get pushed forward in your seat. Then, the sighs of relief occur through the plane and the excitement of disney returns.


The Orlando Airport is large. After arriving, you have to go onto a monorail to the rest of the airport. There are 3 floors and it’s full of shops from Universal and Disney to Harley Davidson and everything in between. Disney has a bus pick you up to take you and your luggage to your resort.


After we get to our room, he have to go to dinner at the Contemporary Resort at Chef Mickey’s. Buses at the resorts take you to any park , but not to the other resorts. They run around every 20 minutes. So we had to catch a bus to the Magic kingdom and from there the monorail to the Contemporary Resort. The sky looked as if it was ready to open up and pour. There was an enormous line to get onto the monorail. If I learned anything at Disney it’s that you have to have patience and that they pack in as many people that will fit onto anything. So, you better not be worried about big, tight crowds.




Chef Mickey’s is a buffet with characters going to each table to give autographs and take pictures. The food range from typical to exotic. And everything is perfect.





Arter dinner we walked around the resort and looked around the shop there. Each resort has it’s own shop, and like each park, each may have some unique items.


By the time we finished looking around it was getting late. We had to find the bus to get back to our hotel and like I said before, resort buses only drop you off at parks. So, after walking around in the dark we finally found a way to get to the nearest park and then back to the hotel. By that time it was nearly 11pm. It was going to be a week filled with long days and short nights.

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I’ve often thought about it before, but until recently I’ve never practiced it.

Often I’ve wondered about it, but never tried it. I always thought how does it pertain to God?

Whenever I read about it there is talk of chakra and mantra and what not, but no context for God.

The phrase know God, Know peace made me contemplate just w meditation may work for me. It is supposed to bring about inner peace, which after all is what we as believers in Christ and in God are trying to achieve.

Another thought I’ve often had is, “What exactly is faith?”
The answer that I come up with is believing. Not just the simple thought of believing, but not even thinking about it at all.

When you truly believe in something you never think about it because you know it to be true.

Take children as an example of believing. They never question if they’ll be taken care of. They just know that mom and dad will do it. Unconditional Faith!

This brings me back to meditation and what exactly is this peace we’re trying to find? If you have ever experienced it you’ll know, but if you have not, the way I can best describe it is a feeling of calm. Not happy or sad, just peaceful and going with the flow of God’s plans.

With peace then we can be better people and in turn better christians. After all, letting our light shine as witness to Jesus is what we’re supposed to do.

Meditation can be very useful in everyday situations. Life is full of stresses and anxieties. That’ll never stop. Don’t let a stressful situation dictate your emotions. It’s all in how we choose to deal with it. And yes, we alwaystressfulce. Maybe not a favorable choice, but a choice none the less. By learning to deal with stress with calm peaceful logical thinking we can improve our outlook at life in general.

Half full or half empty?

Meditation as with life and also with faith is an everyday ongoing work in progress. We need friends and family to help pick us back up when we fall.

Don’t be discouraged when you do fall. Keep at it and one day when you look you’ll see the results just as we do with prayer.

So read a little of the bible everyday. Contemplate what it means in your life. Meditate a little or a lot as needed.

And remember…
God is always with you.

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Love at first sight   Leave a comment


Love at first sight
is what I had the moment we met
Your blue eyes stole my breath
Your beauty stole my heart
Your love stole my soul
From the first kiss you had me
From dating to marriage
Through lifes ups and downs
Through death of loved ones
Through life of our children
Everyday is a blessing with you
I may not say or show it often enough
I love you!
What I have each time I see you is…
Love at first sight

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The Power of the Written Word   2 comments

The pen is mightier than the sword! It is a phrase that conjures up an image of a battle. It is a phrase that is hard to believe yet it is true none the less.

Words on a piece of paper can bring a call to arms. They can also bring a call to lay down arms. They can bring about both war and peace.

The written word is a mighty tool indeed. They can bring new ideas and new ways of thinking. They can change lives.

Words can elicit all kinds of emotions. Love, hate, anger, happiness. They can bring people together or tear them apart.

Those words put together in a story can tell tales of fantasy, adventure, or take us to far away places. They can tell of time long forgotten or just yesterday. In our own backyard or halfway around the world.

Now with the internet those words have sparked revolutions and evolutions. They are controversial as well as thought provoking. They make people fight and laugh.

Freedom of speech is something we take for granted at times, but we must not forget that freedom wasn’t free. We must protect it even when those words go against our beliefs. Everyone has the right to those words.

So, as writers it is up to us to choose our words carefully. To bring change or just happiness. To tell of fantasy or history. Anything we choose to write. But always remember the power those words carry and that freedom of speech came with a price. Because after all the pen is mightier than the sword.

Choose your weapons carefully.

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Marges’ revelation as Allysa and I were about to continue our journey to Everwind has us stunned. She knew the entire time about Allysa’s parents. We are in no position to leave just yet. Marge has some explaining do. So we all sit back down and begin to talk.

Allysa has an infinite amount of questions floating around inside her beautiful head. The first one she asks has been gnawing at her like a itch you can’t reach. “You knew my mother?” And then they wouldn’t stop. “What was she like? Why do I have different elemental powers than she did? Why didn’t my father ever tell me?”

Marge is full of smiles as Allysa berages her with questions. “One question at a time deary. First the last one. I believe he waited to see if you ever developed or not. And yes, I did know your mother well. We both trained with the monk mages in the Shadow Mountains and we fought along side each other during the Goblin Wars. Your mother was a beauty like you and a great mage.” We both listen with captivation as Marge goes on with her answers.

“So after the war your parents wanted to get away from fighting to start a family in peace. My family has been here for generations so I helped them find their place. When your mother fell ill, she asked me to stay close in case you ever developed elemental talents. As to your different powers, it just happens that way sometimes. Which brings us here. Why do you have Ogresbane Jax?”

I look at Allysa to see how I should answer. She urges me to tell her the truth. “Well, I came across Allysa by chance on my way up north. She was attacked by goblins and was looking for help. I rushed to help and killed the orc and the goblins that were searching inside her house for what at the time I didn’t know. Then, I stayed till her father came back and we well, we kept busy for a few days. When James arrived and we explained what happened he didn’t seem surprised at all. That’s when he told us about the sword and her mother. He gave me the sword and told me to protect his daughter. He stayed behind to give us some time to get Allysa to the mages. Now, here we are.”

Marge listened intently to my story with a stern look upon her years and battles worn face. “So he’s staying to fight one last battle.” She has a steely look in her eyes. “I must go, but first I leave you with something.”

Allysa asks the yearning question before I can. “Wait! Where are you going? You haven’t even told me about my mother’s staff yet and there’s so much more to ask. Don’t leave us Marge please. If you’re a mage then you can teach me right?”

Marge smiles at us both with a grandmotherly smile and puts her hand on Allysa’s shoulder. “Dear, I wish I could, but I can’t. I must help your father one last time for your mother. I was never a teacher. However, the staff is made from one of the oldest trees by the best mage craftsmen. It’s stronger than steel and light as can be. It was always your mothers wish for you to use it.”

Allysa holds onto her mothers staff with a fondness that wasn’t there before. “You two can have my place now. I won’t be needing it anymore. It isn’t much, but it’ll be here for you on your return. Sorry I can’t be of much help, but I feel giving you two some extra time with one last battle is best.”

We all stand up and give our final farewells. We thank Marge for her help. She gathers up her battle gear, one last stand against the goblin horde. She gives us each a hug and tells us to rest up tonight in our new home. We’ll start our journey to the Shadow Mountains in the morning. Our new home. What a thought. On her way out, Marge tells us she has a helpful surprise in the chest in our new bedroom. with a wink she says “Now go christen your new home you too love birds. I seen that look on your parents faces too. I’m old, but not blind. Tomorrow is a new journey for us all. Farewell and good battle to you both.” And with a final wave 0f her hand she turns and travels the way back to Allysa’s and I guess now my fathers home. A heroes ending and our beginning.

Allysa and I hold one another and look at our new home and our new future. We both go into the bedroom to have a look inside the chest and the bed. “Christen first then look? After all that was her wish.” She shakes her head, but her arms wrap around me as we fall exhausted from everything we just learned into the bed. kissing leads to sexual play in our new home for the first time.

When we finish our love making, we rush the chest at the foot of the bed dying to find out what’s inside. Together we open it slowly. To our astonishment we find a box of coins that will be much needed on our long journey, but that doesn’t compare to what’s underneath. A book! I know boring right? Not this time though. It has runes all over it. Allysa opens it carefully as it looks old.

She closes it fast with an excited gasp. The cover reads “The three elements and their practical training methods” written by Sylvia Oakheart.

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A Bad Girls Punishment or A Doms Love   Leave a comment

My girl has been very, very bad. She’s been waiting for me all day and for her punishment. She knows the rules and the consequences. She broke one rule, I’m her Dom! she forgot I’m in Control! Don’t worry, I always take care of her. She’ll be in good hands, cuffs and other devices. I never hurt my girl, only make certain that she knows who’s in control. I never humiliate my girl either. I’m her Dom and nobody elses.

It’s my job to provide for my girl and protect her. It’s her job to please her sir. No, my girl is not my slave, rather she willingly gave herself to me. Yes, I do please her as well. I know my girl, her needs, wants, desires. She does what I say, but she can question me, however she rarely does. My girl has faith in her sir as I do with her. I know she won’t leave and she knows I will never leave my girl, my pet, my love.

Love. Some say how can this be love? Why not? I say. I’m faithful and so is she. I take care of her, protect her and am always there for her. I listen to her needs, concerns, fears and wipe away her tears. My girl does as I please, not out of fear of me, but out of love. She could’ve choosen another, but she didn’t. Now, it’s time to show my girl I’m in charge. It won’t hurt…much.

Sitting in her chair in the living room sits my girl. She knows she did wrong by talking back to me in public. In private it’s tolerated to an extent, but not in front of others. I lift up her chin, her ice blue eyes downcast in shame. She apoligizes as I forgive my pet as always. I kiss her pouty lips and whisper in her ear that I won’t hurt her only punish, let her know I’m her Dom. My love stands in front of me waiting in anticipation of pain and perhaps pleasure. Knowing I reward her with pleasure after her lessons learned. I don’t enjoy punishing my girl. Well,maybe a little. Hey! My pet loves it too. I’d rather just please than punish.

I make her wait as I get out my tools. Pet is pretty in her short shorts and her tiny top. I want her bad! As I return I make her turn around with her arms behind her back. She feels the cuffs snap shut. Following me into our bedroom, head held down, I make her go in front of me so I can smack her fine ass! She yelps from the impact. I rub her behind to take away the sting and just to touch her beauty. Forcefully, I push her down onto the bed face first. I give her ass a few more smacks, producing moans of both punishment and pleasure.

My girl lays down waiting for more. Pulling her backup, I give her lips a soft kiss. I ask her if she understands what she did and she shakes her head yes and that she wants to make it up to me. I pull down one of her tops straps over her shoulder. My lips caress her soft skin. No words are needed as my love knows me so well. Then,the other strap falls as well. Her skin burning with desires only her Sir can fulfill. I hear her gasp a moan as I lick her. My loves moans turn me on. They drive me wild with raging passion.

With her top pulled down, breasts exposed, I can’t help but kiss her heaving bosom. I love that my girl didn’t wear a bra. Loves nipples harden as I blow on them. My tongue teaser her aereolas as she begs me for more. Nibbling and sucking my girls nipples makes her shiver and shake. On my knees I stare up at my pet as she wonders what I’ll do next.

It’s her shorts turns to drop. she’s naked, fully exposed for my pleasure. No panties! Pets wetness drips for her Sir. She begs to please me, but this pleases me. I love pleasing her. My love screams with erotic excitement when my tongue licks her clit. Unable to touch me as her arms are still cuffed. It drives her wild to please me. I explain to my pet that she must wait. Yes sir she moans. Tongue driving deep inside her pussy. I eat my girl raw! Licking up and down and twirling it all over her lips. Faster I go, pushing her body into uncontrolled orgasmic spasms. My loves juices quench my thirst with her orgasm. She tries so hard to remain standing, but her weak knees give out as she says sorry Sir. I let my pet know it’s OK. Lay down.

Pet does as I please laying down in bed. I lay her on her stomach. Head down ass up. I pull out my leather spanker. Her exposed cunt waiting for me to have my way with it. Please Sir, give it to me she pleads. The leather strokes her dripping wet pussy as my girls needs grow unbearably. A quick flick of my wrist and she screams my name. I tease her ass with it. The tip tantilizes her hole. My fingers search for G spot. Strong fingers press against it while it engorges itself with her sex fluids. I smack her ass with the spanker. Pleasure and pain fill her body, enhancing her orgasmic bliss as once more she cums.

I remove her handcuffs and her top. My love thanks me for her pleasure and that she wants me to cum. I will I explain in due time. I tell my pet to remove my clothing and she does with sexual aggressiveness. Her mouth enclosed on my hardness. No! Not yet pet. I didn’t say you could I repremand my girl. It felt amazing, but she must remember I’m in charge. With a look of sadness in her lovely eyes I lift up her chin. Inside you now! I demand.

My pet looks at me with a yearning of love on her back, knees pulled in so I can hit her sweet spot hard. Just how I like it. I mount her chest to have my cock on her lips, her tongue reaches out in lust. Please she moans. I only tease her. My dick rides between her tits with her hands squeezing me in tight. “Cum Sir! I want to taste and please you” my sweet pet needs me. Not yet pet. She pouts.

I crawl back down so I can take what’s mine. I tease her clit with my tip as my girl moans. I enter her slowly with build up excitement. I kneel as she bends her knees, pussy wanting my cock now. We both moan in unison upon penetration. I give into my animalistic needs. Going harder and faster, so I can explode deep within my love. Once again my girl is treated to orgasmic heaven. Her screams and moans to God have her body arching and shaking. I’m unable to control myself as I hold her tight. My muscles lock up as I cum for her. I moan for her enjoyment.

Sweating and panting, I cuddle my girl. Deep inside her is where I long to be. I feel our juices melt into one. She kisses me, giving her thanks for my love. As I hold her close I kiss her back. “Always my pet. I’ll always please you. I’ll always love you. Ill always be your Sir.” I feel my girls head rest on my chest. “Sleep my love. I’ll be right here.” With a smile upon her lovely lips she sleeps peacefully in my embrace.

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the broken elevator   Leave a comment

I receive a late night call to repair a broken elevator. There’s a  poor woman stuck inside for the last hour after work closed. Unfortunately, it’ll take me a while to fix it .

As I arrive I hear her crying. “ma’ am I’m here to get you out, ok. It’ll take me a while though.” I try to comfort her.

I hear her stop crying and she says “thank you. I’ve been waiting a long time and I’m scared.”

“It’s ok ma’am, I would be too. My names James, by the way.” I’ve done this before so I try to calm them down with small talk.

“Thank you so much James. My names Kelly.” I can hear her voice shaking. “I’ll have to give you something for getting me out.”

“That’s quite alright ma’am. This is what I do for a living. Thanks is all I need.” I’ve been offered money before for getting people out. They’re usually so scared they don’t know what they’re doing.

She asks me about myself so I Indulge her. Her first question is the usual. are you married, gir|friend or other. No, to them all is my answer. Then, its always followed by why. Don’t know why I say.

This time I get a different question that I’ve never been asked. “Well, James, do you have your phone on you?”

I’m a bit surprised by the question. “Yes,but why?”

“I’d like to see my hero and I’ll show a pic of myself.” I must say I’m curious. I mean it is kinda neat. “And I’m single myself. Maybe I can take you out to dinner sometime.”

Now that’s an offer I never had before. She gives me her kik name so I can get her pic. I’ve never done this before, but nobody is here and why not I tell myself. So I take a pic and send it.

I work in anticipation, waiting for her response. I don’t even know why. Then, my phone chimes with a new message. She wrote “very cute” and she also sent a pic of herself. She’s beautiful, even with red tear eyes.

The message I sent in response to her pic was “beautiful” and I hear her giggle through the closed elevator. “What’s funny?” but before I get a response I get another message on my phone.

When I look at my phone my heart skips a beat. It’s her shirt unbuttoned enough to expose some rather nice cleavage. “Do you like? I showed you mine now it’s your turn.”

I hesitate, but I take a deep breath and lift up my shirt and send her my pic thinking it’s good nobody is here to see this. I cannot believe I’m doing this. I barely Know Kelly, but something about this with her and the pics feels right some how .

We continue talking while I work and get to know even more about one other. She’s really lovely. Then, it began. I tell her I’m done, but she tells me to wait. “Before you rescue me handsome, I want to send you something cause I want to and because I think I’m a little crazy from all this. So, please don’t get mad.”

“Ok” what is she up to? that’s when my phone chirps again. I tentatively look at my message. wow! Her tops off with a message reading “here’s your reward” and what a reward. Does she expect something in return I wonder?

“I hope you like it” I hear her gingerly ask. “and no, you don’t have to send me anything. Although I certainly wouldn’t mind though.” She sounds as nervous as I feel.

I take a quick pic of myself and send it. I tell her “you’re very very sexy and I sent you a little something. I hope you like it and no I don’t do this often or at all.” I’m so nervous right now, What am I doing?

I hear her say oh my god! “Is that a good thing?” I laugh nervously.

“God yes! Now Come get your reward you sexy man.” I open the doors and I see my reward. “Can you please close the doors?” She asks Coyly. I gladly do as she pleases and make sure we can get back out.

She embraces me in a way that’s both thankful and loving at the same time. Her chest pressed against me, her tears fall onto me. I smell her hair, feel her touch. “oh thank god you saved me James!” She holds me so tight that I think she’ll never let go.

I feel her lips on my body. Her hands rub me up and down as she takes off my shirt. Her tongue lashes my nipples. I grab her ass hard, smacking it firmly as she gasps. Pulling her hair back releases her mouth and exposes her bare neck. I clamp my mouth down on it. She releases a moan so sensual I get turned on instantly.

“James, take me! I’m yours! Always! Don’t stop!” My hearts racing. Our bodies are one. “Do me any way you want. I’m yours.”

Passion fills my every pore. Pulling on her hair more, I bear down on her tits. I lick her areolas and enjoy watching her nipples harden. I nibble on them and pull. Sucking each lovely pink nipple. She moans so sexy hot!

My free hand searches down her tight body. She squeezes me in sexual anticipation as I find my intended target. My middle finger touches her wet spot. Teases her clit. She calls out God. Her nails scrape my back with every penetration my finger makes.

She wets her panties. I stop Only long enough for the two of us to rip off the others bottoms. Before I can please her she’s on her knees. “Please, James let me give you this gift. I want to taste you. Drink your love.”

No time to protest, not that I would. She Kissed my tip making it wet. kissing and licking till I pre cum. I moan as she smiles, a string of stickiness from my head to her lips. She licks her mouth grinning. I grab her head more forcefully than I wanted. I apologize, but she shakes her head and mumbles that she likes it with a mouth full of me. Her head glides up and down me hungerly. Quickly she goes, wanting my orgasm.

I give her her desires, filling her mouth to an overflow down her chin. I squeeze her hair, pushing her into me hard as I explode inside her mouth, orgasming loudly, she gags a little, but she uses her tongue to lather my juices back into her yearning mouth, swallowing every last drop with such erotic sexuality it brings me to my knees.

The oral experience leaves me gasping in ecstasy. As she licks her lips clean she smiles at her conquest of me. Mounting my chest as I lay down, I begin to wonder who’s in control here. Rubbing my body with her sweet wet lady parts I give into her. I feel her nails on my chest as she purrs. I surrender to the moment and to her sexual prowess.

Kelly is a sexual firework that just went off on me or rather my firework just exploded in her. It’s time I take control of her. She lays her burning flesh on top of me. It feels amazing. She whispers in my ear “I hope you love your reward so far my hero.” I get her lips on my ear and slowly down my neck. “Now take me like I want you to, like I know you will. I’m yours James, use me, abuse me you sex machine.”

I attack her like a wounded animal. Toss her on her back, biting her neck and all the way down her body. Sucking each pink hard nipple. Kissing down her body as I stare up into her deep blue pools of my deepest desires. Her eyes are so beautiful. She moans deep inside her core. Her hands push me down closer to her wetness that I tease her so. Begging me please.

Her sweet honey I devour like a bear. She screams as she arches her body. Holding me into her as if I would stop eating her raw. Legs around my neck and hands in my hair. I hold onto her firm ass, smacking it hard till it’s a nice shade of pink.

Kelly shakes as she reaches her climatic orgasm. Squeezing me so tight I can hardly breath. she tastes heavenly. Her devine nectar runs down my chin.

Spreading her legs apart I take what’s mine. Kelly pants, gasping for breath while she sees with a gleam in her eyes my erect glory. She begs me please. I’ve turned into an animal and I like it.

Slowly, my long hard shaft penetrates her body and soul with a long gasp 0f pure excitement. She clinches her fists into imaginary sheets as her body is writhing in orgasmic bliss. Her toes curl and her hips rise to meet mine. Kelly cums repeatedly, her stickiness feels so warm. I press her legs back into her body as I hammer hard into her G spot. As she pours out her love for me, we both get wet from it.

I finally finish, shaking as she squirted, it made me cum long and hard as never before. I lay on her, kissing her lips. we hold one another for a brief moment in time before I realize why I’m here. work!

Grabbing my work phone I call my boss and explain that I ran into a situation and that it’s all good now. Kelly laughs so sexy it turns me on. We both get dressed and the time comes when we must part.

She asks when I get off and I joke I just did. We laugh. I exchange numbers and give her my address and a key. Kelly takes the key to my heart. “Don’t lose this key it’s my only one. It’s yours if you want it.”

Kelly stares at it awhile. “I’ll cherish the key and will give you mine. Take it and I’m yours. I’ll be waiting for you. I know this is weird, but I just feel right.”

“Trust me, this is a first for me. Not the sex, although it’s been some time.She smiles her lovely smile. “And yes, this does feel right. I can’t explain it , I just know. I don’t want to rush things, except this here. So. How’s about that dinner you, promised!” We smile as we kiss goodbye. My shift can’t end soon enough.

This isn’t the end I tell myself, only the beginning.

Jax Brightsteel: sword for hire CHAPTER 8   Leave a comment

Continuing on our journey down the road taking us further north towards the city of Everwind where we seek out work. We will need some place to stay awhile to build up enough coin to travel east to the Shadow Mountains so Allysa can receive real training to control her elemental powers.

Further away from where we had that mishap with those unsavory bandits we run into an old woman tending unsuccessfully to her flock. So naturally Allysa feels the need to help out every single poor soul along the way. Seemingly forgetting that we are running away from the orcs and goblins.

“Jax, I’m going to help her out. The poor old woman. She must be all alone.”

I sigh in resignation. “Quickly dear, remember what where we’re supposed to be going. Training. Oh! And I almost forgot, goblins and orcs will soon be looking for this! Silly me.” I laugh sarcastically as I pat Ogresbane on my back. It feels so damn good.

She has that defiant look in those piercingly blue eyes. “Of course I do! I can’t just let her struggle. What kind of sell… mage I guess I am, would leave her?”

I laugh at that one. “The usual kind.” She storms off and I follow. We startle the old woman.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t see you two coming. You scared this poor old woman.” She smiles at the two of us as we approach her.

“My name is Allysa Oakheart and this is Jax Brightsteel. We didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that I saw you struggling and I.. we thought we could help.” She elbows me in the ribs. “Isn’t that right Jax?”

“What? Oh, Yes, Yes that’s right. My lovely lady and I would gladly help for.. ” Allysa pinches my behind as I jump and yelp.

“For your gratitude of course.” Allysa speaks as she glares at me.
“Oh my! I couldn’t ask that. Please let me at least invite you two love birds in for something to eat. I would enjoy your company. It’s been lonely since my husband Vincent passed.” The old woman seems happy to have us.

“Where’s my manners.” She pats me on the arm. “My name is Marge. Now, when you’re done I’ll be inside cooking up something special. All I need is the sheep put back in the pen. Thank you so very much. Ooh! I’m so happy to have company.” I get a kiss on the cheek. “Such a lovely young man you are.” She looks at Allysa. “You better keep an eye on all the ladies with this one.”

The old woman walks into her quaint little place with a flower garden that has seen better days and the house itself is a bit run down. “Come on lady killer. We’ve work to do.” Allysa grabs me by my arm. “Do you charm every woman you meet Jax?”

“What? I can help the ladies love my irresistible good looks.” She shakes her head.

“Well they can look but no girl better try to take this.” I feel a tight grip on my lady killer. “Or else.” She squeezes harder.

In a high pitched voice I squeal “point well felt.” As she let’s go smiling in satisfaction I clear my throat. “Now let’s just get this over with, shall we? After you sheep mage.” I bow gracefully.

“Ha ha! Very funny Jax. Watch my sheep herding prowess in action and be amazed you city dweller.”
She doesn’t take long at all getting the sheep rounded up. I must admit I was impressed.

“I must admit Allysa, I was impressed. Mainly by your fine behind. I do believe it is very incredible.” We walk towards the old woman’s place.

“Jax! Please. You’ll get me all… You know.” She playfully smacks my chest.

“Yes I do know. That is the point.” As I grab her near me. Kissing her head. I smell her sweet essence. Longing for her again.

“Your point Jax is what I grabbed earlier. The only sword you think with.” She gently pants it. That needy look on her face.

“Well, you seemed to like my way of thinking once or twice I recall.”

“Always Jax.” She kisses me softly. “But that’s for later. Let’s go see Marge before I can’t help myself with you.”

“After m’lady.” I give her behind a good smack. Allysa startled, moves to the door giving me that dirty look as the old woman opens it before she could knock.

“Come in you two, come in. Please have a seat at the table and I’ll serve you in just a moment.” She’s full of smiles. The inside is in as much need of repairs as the outside. Poor old lady I think.

Marge makes us a stew that smells unremarkable, but I’m starving. We eat our stew in silence. Afterwards, Allysa begins a conversation with the old woman.

“Marge, do you have and sons or daughters?”

“No, it was just me and Vincent. We never could have children. Mother of us all never blessed us in that way.” She stares off in memory.

Before Allysa could ask another question Marge said “I get by all the same though. Well, usually at least. I’m not as young as I used to be. So, where are such a cute couple off to?”

I answer first. “To Everwind. To take some time to ourselves. You know sight seeing, adventure. The usual fun, young couple things.”

“Everwind isn’t the usual place for a couple, but times change I suppose.” She sighs. “Did you say your name was Oakheart?”

“Yes it is why?” Allysa asks quizzically.

“Along time ago I knew your parents. Lovely couple they were. Sorry for your loss dear. Your mother was a special person. How’s your father doing?”

We both look surprised at that revelation. “You knew my parents?”

“Yes, seems a life time ago. I don’t get out much any more. I’d visit ,but these old bones don’t move like they used to.”

Allysa doesn’t speak for a moment. “Father is…well.” she lies. Not knowing really if he’s still alive or not.

“Well, that’s good to hear.” She smiles. “It’s getting late. I have a guest room you can stay in for the night if you’d like. And my ears don’t hear as well anymore so you two can, well you know. I maybe
old, but I was young once and in love.” She gives the both of us a gentle touch on our hands.

I give her offer a thought, but say “we must be going. Our adventure awaits us right Allysa?”

I see she has questions about her parents, but we don’t have time. “Yes, I guess you’re right Jax.” She reluctantly concedes.

“Well, I thought you might say that. If you must, you must, but before you go Allysa I have a question.” Allysa waits in anticipation. “Did you ever learn how to use your mother’s staff?”

Baffled by Marges question we freeze. “Well, ” I say “it looks like we have some time after all. Don’t we honey?”

Yes, we do Jax and Marge and I have some talking to do.” She’s intrigued even more than I am until Marge said this.

“Oh, and Jax, don’t loose Ogresbane. Protect it and It’ll protect you.”

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Jax Brightsteel: sword for hire CHAPTER 7   1 comment

On the forest floor with my new wife Allysa, making passionate love. We’re so distracted that I didn’t hear the bandits creeping up on us unawares with my pants down, literally.

“Well, well,well. What do we have us here?” Said the bandit. He’s one of three. He’s a hodge podge of mismatched leather armor he stole. His teeth are a sick shade of yellow. Skin weather beaten. Black filthy hair is all knotted and tangled, pulled back and tied. He looks middle age and his build is average as is his height.

I quickly untie our knot and look at my bag in his filthy hands. Allysa is clearly afraid. I whispered for her to remain calm. She tries to cover herself with her hands. I cannot reach my weapons now. Need to buy some time, maybe lure him in and take em back.

The other two bandits standing there with smiles on their faces. Ones tall and lean. About as old as the first with similar attire as well. He looks as weather worn and filthy as his friend. He’s missing a few teeth I can see with that grin. What teeth he has are discolored and pointed. His hair is blonde and cropped short, but dirty as a puddle of mud.

The last bandit looks no older than Allysa. Brown hair and eyes. His clothes are of the kind a farmer wears. He has no armor or weapons as his companions. He looks cleaner also and afraid it seems.

“Seems to me that we got ourselves a couples of love birds here.” The second bandit spit on the ground after he spoke. “And some nice weapons we can take.”

“Oh, we will take what we want.” The shorter bandit with his dirk in his hand walks towards us. He puts the knife to my throat. Grabs my hair. “If you cooperate, you’ll walk away with your lives.”

“Allysa do what you need to do.” I urge her and pay with a punch in my mouth. I can taste the coppery blood in my mouth as I spit it on the ground.

“Leave my husband alone!” Allysa commands the bandits and is met with laughter.

“Your husband is it, eh, pretty little bird.” The tall one pushes her back on the ground. “Boy! Hold her while I have my way with the birdie.” The youngest bandit does as he’s told.

Allysa screams no as she’s held down.”you’ll be sorry if you touch my wife.” And I’m hit yet again.

“Shut up you and I won’t slit your throat.” His dirk pressed on my throat.” Just watch a bit as we fuck your whore.”

I’m helpless. “Allysa! Do it!” I’m hit once more. My jaw is sore. My lips busted. Blood runs down my chin.

“Do what little bird?” The tall one laughs as he pulls down his trousers. “What can you do? Maybe you can sing us a song about who’s seed made you with child.”

“I said leave my husband alone!” I see that fire in her ice blue eyes. The young boy let’s her go quickly shaking his hands and screaming. He was holding her hands down. They’re now red, burnt and full of blisters. He writhes in pain on the ground.

“Why did ya let er go boy?” Before he realizes why, he experiences it. She grabs him by his balls and squeezes.

“Cause I’m a fire mage!” She cooks his balls. Terror covers the bandits face. As she let’s go, his sack is blackened. He screams in pain I cannot imagine. Allysa stands up tall. Walking with a confidence I’ve not seen before. So graceful, naked, beautiful and stunning. She approaches the bandit who’s now shaking in fear.

“Stay away witch! I’ll kill him I will!” He’s scared and shaking. A fireball sits in her hand.

“Never!” Allysa screams. I feel heat brushing my face. Rolling away from the fire and away from danger. That was too close. The bandit bursts into flames. Screaming on the ground for a few agonizing moments before his life ends.

His flesh melted off and his muscles are cooked through till it’s charred. His eyes melted out of their sockets. Hair all but gone. The putrid smell lingers in the air.

Allysa lifts me up with such power and ease and asks “Jax are you OK? I thought I was going to lose you. I was so scared.” She kisses my bloodied lips. Her hands holding my face. She’s so sweet to touch.

“Me!” I exclaim. “I was worried about you my love. Are you OK? I thought… ”

“I was scared at first, but the power built up inside me and I knew they’d never touch me. I didn’t want them to hurt you.” Allysa is amazing.

“Bitch! I’ll kill you!” The tall one on the ground still, cursed at Allysa. I walked up to him, grabbed his knife and leaned in so only he could hear me.

“The lady tried to warn you, but… I’ll take what I want from you. Your life.” I slice his neck. Crimson life pours out onto the ground. He clings to his throat, gasping. I watch as he dies. “That’s for touching my wife.” His eyes bulge and stare into the sky, lifeless.

Allysa approaches the last bandit. He’s frantic and babbling.”Please, please, please, please don’t… Kill me. I was only doing what I was told. I’m just a farmer.” She’s so gorgeous how she sways her hips. She long stopped caring about her nakedness.

“Remove your clothes.” She commands him. The bandit stares in disbelief, but as she snapped her fingers he couldn’t do it fast enough. He stands, tears and fear in his eyes as he covers himself up.

Allysa removes his hands, holds his manhood in her palm. “Listen good.” He shakes his head quickly. “You go back to your farm and work the land, find a good wife, raise a family and protect them.” She looks down at him and adds “little boy.”

Frantically he thanks her as she let’s go. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mother of us all I swear to you I will.” He wets the ground in fear as Allysa yells run! I’ve never seen anyone run so fast naked before. Well, I did that one time when I had to sneak out of the blacksmiths daughters window.

She laughs and takes me by the hand. Walks me to my pack and pulls out one of my manhood covers. “Allysa! What’re you doing?” She then proceeds to take me behind some bushes out of sight of the fight.

“Jax, I feel so full of energy and passion and I feel hot!” She pushes me to the ground on my back. Allysa straddles my chest, fondling me till I’m hard and slips the cover on. I can’t resist her beauty. She’s changed.

“You took my innocence only a few days ago and made me yours. Just a while ago you tied the knot making us one. So now it’s my turn. I’m going to make you mine Jax!” She’s so full of passion. Her flesh burning hot.

I don’t know what has got into her, but as she pins my arms down and slides all the way down on me I moan and I can’t or don’t want to stop her. She stares at me, lifting up and slams down on me so hard I gasp. She screams and growls so primal.

Her hair is wet with sweat and in her face. Allysa doesn’t stop looking into my eyes as she takes me. Lifting up and coming back down harder each time, my body arches and I moan with her.

Her love is so full of rage and I soon shoot my seed. Allysa smiles as she knows I finish. Kissing me softly, she whispers “Oh, Jax, I’m so tired and.. and… dizzy. I need to… ” before her words come out she lays her head on me. Her breasts pressed on me make me want more. She’s asleep. The fire takes it’s toll on her and apparently makes her wild in bed or in this case the hard ground.

I don’t want to move with me still inside her. Allysa is so lovely and I love her so much, but I need to lay her down gently, putting her clothes and mine back on. I can smell the cooked pungent odor of the burnt bandit. Her power is astounding and dangerous. We need to get her training.

I stand watch as Allysa sleeps. Finally, she wakens, calls for me. I kneel down and kiss her forehead. “My love. How do you feel?”

“Better.” She pulls me in for a kiss. “Jax, I don’t know what happened to me, but I’m sorry if I…” She blushes with her head down.

I lift her chin up. “Allysa, you’ve changed. I can see it, but I love you and there’s nothing you need to be sorry for. I’m sorry I let this happen at all.” Her eyes are so clear and I cannot stop looking deep into her soul. “As for the rough love… I loved it!”

Allysa wraps her arms around me, kissing me everywhere her sweet red lips can touch. “Jax, I love you! It’s not your fault. Besides, we make a great pair of fighters and well,” she grabs between my legs and holds it tight. “Lovers.”

“Oh, Allysa! As much as I want you and I’m sure you can tell with it in your hands and all, but I think it best we move from here.” Saying no to love making was hard as I am. I’ve never said no except that one time with my friends mother when she fell into to lake, removed her clothes and brought me in with her. Awkward, since my friend was not far away.

“Yes, Jax. You’re right, but you better make it up to me later. I have this burning passion inside me and I need a release. I don’t know what you’ve done to me my sir, but I like it.”

“Good God Allysa! I can’t keep up with you. You’re insatiable m’lady.” Let’s hurry away from here and find us some shelter before dark.”

With the corpses at our back, we leave a bloody trail behind us. Allysa looks at her destruction. A sad look in her eyes. She holds me tight. “I’m sorry Jax. Sorry I almost hurt you. Sorry I killed them. I’m just sorry. I need training to control my powers. But I’m not sorry about my love for you or the way we did it. Jax, I love you and I’m glad we met, glad you love me back. Now and always.”

As we walk holding each other, I kiss her head. “Allysa, I love you even more if that’s possible. Especially when you’re naked. The way you handled yourself back there was…. Hot. It made me want you so much. That fiery passion you wield is so attractive.” I smack her backside and she in turn grabs me hard where it counts.

“Jax, you are so bad. And you’re Jax hardsteel again. Mmmm! You think I’m insatiable. You’re the one who’s rock hard.”

“That’s cause you’re so damn gorgeous!” I throw her behind some bushes. This time I take control and make sure my weapons are near as are my wits. We didn’t get very far, but damnit anyhow.

We make hot love once again. This time I mount her. Controlling her how I want. She loves it. When I finish again and she finishes many times, we finally head down the road. On our way to adventure and probably more love making. “Allysa I hope you had enough. Cause I need a rest from you. ” I laugh.

She gives me a squeeze and a smile. Smiling “for now my love. Later is a totally different matter.” We kiss and go hand in hand down the road to further adventures.

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